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Company Profile

We, Yih Guang Machine Pattern Maker CO., Ltd. were founded in year 1975
During 40 years of practicing and improving, we extended our fields from tradition to globalization, from plastic injection machines to state of the art wind power. We had implemented CNC milling working process 10 years ago to overcome traditional crafting problems: ‘Accuracy and Efficiency’
In the meanwhile, we invested 5.3 million USD to build another branch: Chun Yao Green Energy Technology CO., Ltd. in year 2012. Total factory area covered 8250㎡.
YGM owns domestic as well as foreign working teams for simultaneous production. Each team is leaded with an expert of who at least contains 20 years experiences. Every employee is part of company, learning and growing with us.

Around 50% of our customers allow us to handle the whole process of their need, which is ‘from pattern to casting, from casting to end milling’. The other half order pattern equipments from us and send them to foundries worldwide YGM is a very creative and open-minded company, we have abundant experience in customization field; in fact, more than 90% of our products are customized. We provide case by case customization service, from designing base to production base. Name your needs and we will fill them with our best!
We also installed a very grand and accurate new CNC machine, which measured 10m*8m*2.5m in general. In the meanwhile, we input PPAP reversing engineer inspection in order to ensure geometry accuracy from year 2011.
Our vision is to create a ‘zero distance’ environment between customers and us. Insisting of having good responsible traditions and keeping improving adding new ideas into YGM with good spirit, we believe this good combination will bring all of us countless win-win situations